We provide efficient and cost effective financial management services for small to medium Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs). If you’re currently a treasurer or board member of a HOA and have been looking for professional management services, chances are that current professional management is out of your price range. This is especially true for small and medium HOA’s with between 3 and 20 units and where a board can’t afford to pay a third (or more!) of their HOA revenues for property management.

What we do:

  • We provide a cost effective solution by offering highly automated financial services to help give piece of mind to the HOA Treasurer, board and every member.

Our Benefit to You:

  • High Quality management services for your HOA.
  • Removal of stress and worry over HOA finances. Your finances may not be overly complex, but they do require timely periodic maintenance. Too often, small HOA’s will let their finances get out of hand.
  • Legal Compliance with state and local laws for budgeting and reserve analysis
  • Helps foster a greater sense of community
  • Honesty, Integrity and Value knowing that the principal of your management company is a certified member of both the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Community Associations Institute.

Our Services

Short Term Financial Management and Accounting:

  • Preparation and maintenance of a chart of accounts for your HOA.
  • Monthly Revenue Management: Billing, Cash Collection and Accounts Receivable Management of HOA member dues.
  • Monthly Expenditure Management: Bill management and payment management to HOA vendors.

Long Term Cash Management:

  • Budgeting and Forecasting for your HOA. Essential to smart planning and required by law in the state of Washington.
  • Long Term Investment Planning to put your HOA reserves to work.

Financial Reporting:

  • Monthly Financial Statement Generation (Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Income Statement) for your HOA.
  • Yearly Tax Return Preparation (available).
  • State and Local government financial reporting.

Information Management:

  • We provide a secure, online portal for your HOA, where we post monthly financial data and provide an online presence for your HOA and your HOA board. This online presence also allows your HOA to store and share HOA documents, such as HOA bylaws, covenants, declarations, rules and regulations, meeting minutes and any other type of information your HOA needs to share. This type of presence helps to instill a sense of community in your HOA.
  • Work with real estate and escrow agents: We provide the needed documentation to real estate agents and escrow agents required when HOA members buy and sell their homes.
  • Chances are, if the information you need is based on the data we collect, we can present it in a manageable way. Contact us for more information. “One Off” Payment Processing:
  • With our automated process, you can generate one-off payment requests for your HOA needs, and your pre-established spending limits.